Laser teeth whitening allows Radiant Smile to whiten your teeth for up to six to eight shades in one visit.

The results are a beautiful smile and minimal teeth sensitivity after the procedure. 

Our mobile and in-office service delivers top quality teeth whitening to our satisfied customers. It's easy, simple and fast. In just 60 minutes, our certified professional services will brighten your smile up to 6-8 shades per session. For over a decade, lead certified whitening technician, Branielyn, has been working as a dental assistant expanding her experience and training into oral cosmetics, making countless smiles... radiant!

  At Radiant Smile, we make teeth whitening convenient, safe and affordable by delivering our services at your home or from our office. Our process begins with meticulously protecting your gums, then we use whitening gel combined with a laser technology to ensure you get optimal and rapid results! Our equipment is always cleaned using the highest safety protocols with medical grade sanitizers before your whitening procedure and we only use top of the line whitening products while following strict protocols to keep you and our team safe. Join our family of satisfied customers with your brighter, whiter and radiant smile!!

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Is it safe?

This is a proven method of safe whitening. Please see this government article supporting this procedure

How long does the treatment last?

It can last 4-6 months on average. This all depends on  behavior and habits that can restain your teeth.

What do I do after treatment?

48 hours after your mobile or in-house bleaching, we advise to avoid any types of dark foods or drinks. For example, drinking cola, wine, and tea or eating dark foods such as cherry pie or soy sauce.

What if I have crowns?

Good news! Bleaching can only whiten natural teeth! It can not change the color of any crowns, veneers, or composites you may have in your mouth.

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