Busting Common Myths About Professional Teeth Whitening

What do you remember most about a person when you first meet them? If you said their smile, you're not alone; according to Kelton Global, 48% of American adults say a smile is the most memorable thing about a person when they first meet them. Even though that is the case, people often think that to get a radiant, white smile, they have to either go through the time-consuming process or take out a small loan. However, this is not the case. In this article, we will bust some common teeth whitening myths.

Myth 1: Professional Teeth Whitening Is Too Expensive

Many people think that the only way to get the best teeth whitening results is to pay a lot. This simply isn't true; not all dentists offer the same quality services, and prices vary from one dentist to another, so it's important to shop around and compare costs. Remember that you should not have to take out a loan to get professional teeth whitening, so consider price comparisons before opting for high-priced services.

Myth 2: I Need To Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks After Getting My Teeth Whitened

This is simply not true. The myth suggests that the enamel of the tooth surface changes in some way to make it less able to tolerate staining substances. There are many foods that can stain your teeth, but don't stop eating them after you get your teeth whitened! Instead, be smart about what you eat and drink and brush daily to keep your teeth pearly white.

Myth 3: Professional Teeth Whitening Is Not for Me

Many people believe that professional teeth whitening is not for them because they may think it's only designed to keep the teeth of models and actors bright. However, this is simply not true; professional teeth whitening isn't just for celebrities with perfect smiles - it's also intended to help everyday people like you and me.

Myth 4: If I Get Professional Teeth Whitening, Then My Natural Tooth Enamel Will Be Damaged

Many people also believe that professional teeth whitening is harmful to the enamel of the teeth. The truth is that the enamel only becomes sensitive when an agent is used that is too harsh and when the whitening process is done improperly. When you visit a reputable dentist, they will use an enamel-safe bleaching solution that won't damage your teeth in any way.

Myth 5: I'm Too Young/Old for Professional Teeth Whitening

Many people believe that professional teeth whitening is only effective after a certain age has been reached. This simply isn't true; one's age does not limit the effects of professional teeth whitening - even the elderly can benefit from professional teeth whitening.

If you are tired of having tooth discoloration, then professional teeth whitening is definitely for you. This treatment can help brighten your smile in a non-invasive and easy way. Call us today to learn more.