At Radiant Smile, we make teeth whitening convenient, safe and affordable by delivering our services at your home or from our office. Our process begins with meticulously protecting your gums, then we use whitening gel combined with a laser technology to ensure you get optimal and rapid results! Our equipment is always cleaned using the highest safety protocols with medical grade sanitizers before your whitening procedure and we only use top of the line whitening products while following strict protocols to keep you and our team safe. Join our family of satisfied customers with your brighter, whiter and radiant smile!!

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A little about me... I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to California when I was 9 years old. By age 19, I knew I wanted to be a dentist so after graduation my father and I went to apply for a program at a local college but quickly learned that I wouldn’t be able to enroll. Although my father was the hardest working person I’d ever known, he simply couldn’t afford to pay my tuition. I knew then that if I wanted to reach my goals I had to work hard, so over the next few years I worked multiple jobs and learned to be independent and developed a strong worth ethic. Years later, I moved to New Jersey, fell in love and at 24 years old, my beautiful son D’Angelo was born. I put my dreams of being a dentist on hold to be a stay at home mom and raise him. When my relationship didn’t work out, I found myself being a single mom. I quickly found the first entry level job that I could to support us. The local Walgreens Pharmacy was hiring and I worked my way up to Assistant Manager. I was still struggling to make ends meet though, with a young son to support and caring for my mother who was ill. One day, I shared my dreams of a dental career with the pharmacist at my job. She told me about an amazing dentist named Dr. Doyle, who was looking for a dental assistant and was willing to train the right person. 

That conversation changed my life and I began my career in the dental field with Dr. Doyle as a certified dental assistant. Sadly, Dr. Doyle passed away, but I continued working at various dental offices for years after. It’s been 11 years since I began my career in the dental field and I’m thrilled to be using my expertise to make smiles radiant for all my customers. I love it!